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What do you have to show for at the end of your journey living on this planet

Ever wondered why you were born on this planet/universe and not in any other if they actually do exist? Have you ever thought about why you aren't something else, like an innocent dog? 

Allow me to make a succinct intro about myself. I will confess to you that I am an avid believer of Many-Worlds Interpretation (MWI). Just to make it simple without delving into technical Quantum Mechanics terms (which I am less familiar with), in simple terms, and according to my layman understanding, this just "imply" that our current state "which is me currently typing this first blog", and you reading it in the future(your current state), is just one of an infinitely many universes referred by many as multiverse world. In summary, the "probability/chance" that I am writing this blog is not only a fraction like one-seventh (the probability that today is Friday) but one in an infinitely many Goolplexillion of Goolplexillions events. Yes, that is the probability right there staring at you and yes that's how very unlikely or almost impossible you are currently reading this.
What's happening right now is a unit of life, everything else is counterfactual. At every point in time, you make a decision that when executed is "Real Life", but if not, it becomes a counterfactual. I will defer an explanation to an empirical philosopher. Every decision you make in life is a single world, the one you are just about living right now which is based on what I will refer herein to as an antecedent event. Whatever happens next is a construct of the prior/preceding event(s) and the info you are just collecting at this micro-second.
We live in a world that is both deterministic and at the same time random, excuse the scientific conflict of events. Why deterministic? because if we didn't have to base our decision on our past events or info that we have been constantly collecting, then we would be living in a single world that would have been like a machine which never wears out. Why random? Every single decision made is no longer based on the single world but multiple worlds derived from every other worlds' (individual(s)) not making their supposedly deterministic decisions.
So are you making the right decision every day to make the life of others around you be deterministic? I try to, and the decision I make every single second is unfortunately very randomly driven by what y'all around the world make no matter where you are or what you do. And that's just Science!!
There is only one consistent life, one world, from the multiverse worlds which is deterministic in nature where nothing is random, where we know with 100% certainty what will happen at a particular second millions of years from now. That world is all of you out there making decisions every second. Leverage whatever level you have to bring everyone who is below par to their potentially consistent world. At your current position, you have the current capacity to make a difference. Whatever profession you are at, do your best to help others.
My enthusiasm in my first blog cannot go along way without mentioning the contributions made by everyone in whichever field they are in (Exactly! all fields; farmers, scientist, business people... alike).